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Because of the configuration of our theater, we cannot seat patrons who arrive past the start time of the play. Please arrive early to the show!
Given the current situation with COVID-19, Firehouse is taking measures to ensure the safety of patrons, cast and crew. We prefer to err on the side of safety. We encourage patrons to be up to date with their vaccinations against COVID-19. WE REQUIRE YOU TO WEAR A MASK TO THE PERFORMANCE.
There is always risk of communicable illness in a public setting and ours is a small, intimate space. We appreciate your understanding in our effort to keep our actors healthy so that the show can go on!

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If you are sick, call our reservation line to let us know that you won't be able to attend. (303) 562-3232.
Tickets are non refundable, but may be exchanged for another performance if space is available.

All tickets are general admission and there are no assigned seats, except for patrons with special needs. Please call 303-562-3232 so that we can accommodate your needs. Attendance assumes that you understand and are willing to take this risk. The theater company is not liable for patrons' illness or injury.

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